Branch of a non-QFC Company, non-QFC Limited Liability Partnership, or non-QFC Limited Partnership

A non-QFC Company, or non-QFC Limited Liability Partnership or a or non-QFC Limited Partnership can register as a Branch with the CRO in accordance with the relevant regulations in order to establish a legal presence within the QFC. The non-QFC company, the non-QFC Limited Liability Partnership or non-QFC Limited Partnership will be the applicant and principally liable for the compliance or non- compliance on the part of its registered branch.

Key Features

  • Unlike LLCs and LLPs, branches registered in QFC have no separate legal personality, distinct from the Non-QFC entity which registered the Branch
  • A Branch has to appoint and retain at all time, a Principal Representative who is resident of Qatar;  and who is authorised to accept service of documents or notices and undertake any other function as may be prescribed by any QFC Regulations
  • It shall have a principal place of business in a QFC approved premises
  • It is required to file with the CRO notices of any changes to the principal representative, place of business, constitutional documents of the non-QFC company and directors of the non-QFC company
  • Every branch shall keep proper accounting records, however, there is no requirement for filing audited accounts to the CRO

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