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Understanding a culture is the key to unlocking its secrets, only then can you grasp the traditions and the motivations behind the behaviours you may encounter. This guide by LifeInQatar will give all the insight you need.

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Museums, Galleries & Cultural Presentations

Whether from yesterday or today, there is much for you to see, from appreciating how people lived in times gone by through restored houses to seeing what people put in their houses today via modern art exhibitions. Discover a national museum inspired by a desert rose and an entire cultural village that connects Qatar’s ancient heritage with its modern status.

Qatar is home to a number of other stunning art galleries and public spaces. Looking to learn about other venues?

Historic Sites

Uncover Qatar’s past through its fortresses and palaces and see how the country is tackling the challenges of maintaining its cultural identity while embracing the future. And when all that is done, why not get your hands-on history by taking part in an interactive cultural workshop?

Within a rapidly developing architectural landscape, Qatar’s historic fortresses and palaces are a true stand-out feature.


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