You mean to operate efficiently. We mean business.

We appreciate you need to know the regulations of operations in your prospective new country in order to operate within the law and be efficient, so we make them clear. Our commercial and regulatory framework operates to international best practices, our Company Register is available to all, our Employment Standards Office that deals with all employment matters is independent and impartial and our legal framework and our legal and tax regimes are fair and clear.

A dedicated client affairs team.

At QFC, we know how important it is for you to become established as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

So, our dedicated Client Affairs department links you to our wider specialist teams. We will provide expert insight and support across all aspects of setting up your business in Qatar: from facilitating staff arrivals in the country through our own immigration office to matters of taxation, compliance, company registration, employment standards, licensing, facilities and more.

In business, together.

Assisting our clients beyond their set-up in the country is critical to our business at QFC. Our Client Affairs team plays a key role in that relationship building, which is why the department is founded on a clear and simple purpose: In business, together. 

With our in-depth knowledge and extensive experience of the Qatari business environment, we take pride in ensuring every newly licensed business starts their operations on schedule and, most importantly, hassle-free.

To achieve this, we strongly believe in forging bespoke relationships with our clients and taking the time to understand their unique business circumstances before helping them adopt the best approach.

When a QFC-licensed business becomes an established part of the Qatari landscape, we are glad to have been an integral part of that journey. Only when our clients thrive, can we succeed. 


An award-winning expert legal team.


Regulatory support services to navigate immigration and employment regulations


Personal service from an advisor who assists you throughout the licensing process


An intuitive web and mobile e-services portal for non-regulated firms.


Operational support with IT procedures.


Operational support with government services and swift visa issuance


Bank account facilitation, prior to completion of registration

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